BoK Tutors

A remarkable technology called "Skype" allows the highly trained and dedicated Bok Tutors teachers to provide customized one-on-one language instruction in English in individually designed programs that begin at the basic elementary school level, and extend through middle school, high school, and university levels.

Tutoring in the English language by native-born American English-speaking teachers in conversational English, the art of listening and understanding, comprehension, pronunciation, grammar, reading and writing allows students of all ages to develop and advance in their English language skills.

The BoK Tutors method is definitely "user friendly!"
All students are carefully interviewed to determine their knowledge and ability to study English, and the individually-designed classes with our tutors provide the right atmosphere, textbooks and materials, and proper pacing for each student. Because students differ in their initial ability to read and write English, each student proceeds at his or  her own unique pace.

While we are proud of our one-on-one instruction methods, students who would be more comfortable learning in a group may do so, and we also offer classes in grammar in a group setting.

Quality, dedication, and an understanding of what is required is offered by our BoK Tutors, who hold degrees from prestigious American universities, and who are active in the American educational community as well as in the business community.

Our hard-working, dependable teachers, with 20 years of experience or more, provide the motivational environment that encourages students to become the best they can be in the English language. Our teachers are dedicated to the personal achievment of each student, and parents are provided regular updates on the progress of their children and teenagers.

The Bok Tutors mission is straightforward:to see that a student learns to speak, read and write English : the most-spoken language in the world.